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Client Results

What Could You Achieve with a CFO in Your Corner?

Clients value our services for many reasons; partnership, improved operations, improved systems, but most of all they value CFO Services because they pay for themselves many times over. 

Below are some examples of the cost savings and profit improvements we have been able to deliver for our clients.

A Marine Dealer

Working with the owner, we accomplished the following:

A company executive had this to say about CFO Service LLC.  “I’ve never met anybody who can present information so clearly as you do.”, Randy C.

A Fast Growing Designer Interior Lighting Company

Situation: The company was growing rapidly but the owner had no way of knowing how he was doing month to month.  He sold through sales reps and mass merchandisers like Macy’s and TJ Max, but he had no system to keep track of sales and forecasts to help manage profitability.  Also he had no idea of his profit margin or which products were profitable and which were not.

Result: Working directly with the owner over the past two years, CFO Services LLC has been able to put systems and controls in place so that the owner...

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