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About CFO Service LLC

Focus: Improving the Profitability of Your Company

CFO Service LLC was created to help small and medium sized businesses in Southeastern Michigan succeed.

With a 25 year background we bring financial management to your company that is effective (we always save you money...always), affordable (it pays for itself in savings and you only use what you need), and low risk (no contracts or retainers).

We form a self motivating partnership with every client focused on the mutual goal of enhancing profits. Operating always with the utmost honesty, integrity and objectivity, we strive to become your long-term trusted advisor helping you achieve the profitability and success you dream of. (click here to learn more about actual client results.) 

Now every company, regardless of size, can experience the benefits of having a Chief Financial Officer on a part-time basis. Why not contact CFO Service LLC today for a no obligation financial review of your business.


Brian Bach is a strong Financial and Operations Leader with broad experience in retail, wholesale, service and distribution organizations. He is accomplished in multi-store and multi-business settings that require hands-on expertise and the ability to deal effectively with fast changing conditions.

He is an MBA graduate skilled in all key areas of financial management including; operational reporting, cost control, business process improvement, bank relations, risk insurance and information technology systems.

He is an executive team member that adds genuine value by solving difficult problems, improving business processes and controlling costs, all of which result in improved profits.

With more than 25 years experience that includes positions as a Commercial Banker, Financial Analyst and Branch Operations Manager, Brian has taken a well known retailer and service company from a single store with $4 million in annual revenues to a multi-store chain producing over $20 million in annual revenues.

As CFO, Brian managed multiple accounting departments, consolidations and inter-company transactions.  He was the key member of the executive team involved in transitioning and grooming 3rd generation Family management.

His key accomplishments include:

o  Negotiated a 15% rate reduction on an $8 million mortgage and line of credit financing package.

o  Researched, selected and managed the installation of a 30 user ($200,000) multi-store, retail
    point-of-sale system and a 25 user ($250,000) Service software package using Navision.

o  Arranged SBA construction and end-mortgage financing on a new $4 million Novi showroom.

o  Outsourced payroll and human resources functions resulting in $100,000 in annual savings and
    improved employee benefits.

In 2004, Brian took a new CFO position with a $50 million multi-location sales and service dealership in Southeast Michigan.  This newly created position reported directly to the President and was responsible for all Financial Areas, HR, Insurance and IT. 

Again, he was a key member of the executive team actively involved in identifying and developing short and long term strategic initiatives. Some of his accomplishments as CFO for this company include:

o  Streamlined monthly closing process from 8 to 3 days with day after month-end flash reporting.

o  Led aggressive bank negotiations on $35 million floor plan resulting in a ∏% rate reduction.

o  Locked in favorable 5 year fixed rate swap contracts on $8 million in mortgages.

o  Shopped casualty insurance resulting in a 26% reduction.

o  Upgraded IT infrastructure (server, network, workstations) bringing desktop access to critical
    information and productivity tools across the organization.

o  Achieved operational costs reduction of 15% through aggressive monitoring and reporting.

o  Developed and implemented performance based compensation for Service Department
    resulting in $100,000 increase in sales and 15% efficiency improvement.

Brian is the founder and principal of CFO Service LLC and currently uses his talents to provide valuable CFO and Controller services on an as-needed basis to small and medium size companies in Southeast Michigan.

Interested in learning about how CFO Service can drive your business forward? Give us a call at 248.563.7996 or contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation.